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Phil Ironside Studio

The Studio

Phil Ironside’s studio in Malvern Link is the engine room of his creative life and processes. From here has developed his artistic style and where the creative energy flows. Contact him for a convenient time to watch the extraordinary creative energy as he produces ‘A Painting a Day’. Paintings are available to buy and prints available to order. Have you got a special day to celebrate? Why not punctuate it with the painting of that day.

His works is on display in the studio and videos of the A Painting a Day series are on 24 display in the studio window.

Visit by Appointment

Please call 01684 561495 to book an appointment to view his work or to watch him paint.

The Artist

Phil Ironside has been creating and painting all his life. His work derives from the constant interactions we make with our external and internal landscapes. How we are affected by our environment and how we affect it. The changes we perceive consciously are only a fraction of the information we act on every second. Everything we see, hear, smell, touch and perceive affects us.

A Painting a Day

In 2011 he began to experiment with speed painting. Taking a brush and painting knife and making marks without thinking, he had to have risk, intention and then execute those intentions. In 2015 while listening to electronic dance musics, the idea of painting as a performance art came to him. Painting like the DJ’s, reacting to the music instantaneously. He expanded that to react to the events that happen all around him all of the time.

In 2016 he did his first live performance for the BBC Hereford & Worcester’s Malcolm Boyden show. Developing his techniques in 2017 he produced a painting a day, in 2018 he painted one a month. In 2019 he painted one a day in 5 minutes, recording each one. In 2020 he is painting one a day again recording each one.

A Painting A Day is a unique present to celebrate any occasion, birthdays, anniversaries, marriages, baby showers, new home or just because you love someone.
Available as the original or prints, each one comes with a certificate of authentication signed by the artist.
Search for your special date at

Live Art

Live Art – In 2019 Phil produced a 2.4 x1.5m painting live in front of an audience. This was his first (never been done before by him) one man show to share the incredible energy that he brings to his paintings and to bounce off a live audience. There was no preparation or pre-planning, it was truly without a safety net. Live Art is available for social, corporate or charity events.

Art as Therapy Workshops and One2One Therapy

How to free your mind, have fun and unleash your imagination through painting. The process of putting paint on paper is as simple as spreading your morning toast with a spread of your choice and some delicious topping. It is that simple. The benefits are exponential.


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