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Priory Park in Great Malvern

Formerly the gardens of the Priory Mansion built in 1874 which is now used as the Council House, Priory Park provides a tranquil centre to Great Malvern being bordered by the Malvern Theatres, Malvern Splash Leisure Complex and the Council House.

Priory Park is filled with beautiful mature trees and surrounds a large duck pond spanned by a couple of bridges. A Victorian bandstand, built in 1875 and restored in the 1980s, proudly stands in the park and hosts free Sunday afternoon concerts during the summer months.

Many of the trees in the park were planted about 150 years ago when it was fashionable to plant as many exotic trees as possible from other parts of the world in your garden.

A children’s playground occupies one corner of the park next to a beautiful wooden carving, created by Tom Harvey from a tree which had to be felled. The play area was refurbished in 2022 and has sustainable timber, planting and materials to give a natural and rustic feel, while also allowing for a range of play. Children can climb on natural boulders, crawl through hobbit holes, hide in a hollow tree trunk, walk across a rope bridge, swing on a basket swing and even meet a giant dragonfly.

Priory Park can be accessed from Grange Road next to the Malvern Theatres or, if coming by car, park in the Priory Road car parks and walk up by the Malvern Splash. Priory Park is on the ‘Route to the Hills’ from Great Malvern Station.

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