Austin & Co – Celebrate Dia de Muertos

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Austin and Co 2021 Shop window

Malvern’s Austin & Co have put a colourful twist on their Halloween display this year by including three giant multicoloured skeletons. If you tire of the same old pumpkins and bats Malvern’s Austin & Co might have the Halloween display for you. The mariachi band of three, large technicolour skeletons now sit cheerfully playing instruments in the multi award winning card and stationery shop window.

The triad, plus one disembodied head with top hat, have wide smiling mouths and beautifully painted skulls. In a previous life they served as puppets at Worcester Carnival in 2015. Now they have risen from the dead once again to brighten up Great Malvern town centre. Rather than the spooky traditional British Halloween decorations this display celebrates Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead). Originating in Mexico this festivity honours those loved ones who have passed away and celebrates the circle of life.

The shop owner, Sean Austin, said: “We think it’s pretty awesome (ok, slight bias) but we’ve had a great reaction since we installed the mariachi band”.

The dynamic trio of skeletal musicians have been loaned to the shop by Worcestershire Resource Exchange (WRE) and took 38 volunteers no less than 375 hours to complete. With the ever-growing popularity of Halloween comes more waste with plastic decorations and disposable costumes. The WRE aims to encourage people to repurpose useful materials rather than sending them to landfill, and these skeletons, each made from scrap materials, showcase this perfectly.

Why not see what Halloween decorations you can make from items you would usually throw away? An old bed sheet can become a terrifying ghost and empty plastic bottles can serve as the body parts of a robot gone rouge.

Head to Austin & Co in Great Malvern to take in the sight of the skeletons yourself and browse their fantastic selection of cards and gifts while you are there. Many shops in The Malverns are getting into the festive spirit with Halloween decorations so have a wander around the Town Centres (if you dare…) and see what you can spot.

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