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Boxing Day Walks - Jan Sedlacek

Did you know you would have to walk four miles to burn off the calories from just one mince pie? Yes- four. Christmas is the time for revelry and indulgence to the point of insanity, and then we promise to get fitter, healthier, go to the gym as January rolls around. Escape this vicious cycle by going on a Boxing Day walk with the whole family. A great way to crawl out from under the sludge of Quality Street wrappers and peel the kids away from the TV and screens and walk off some of those calories from your Christmas dinner. It would take you seventy-five miles to walk all the calories off, but you can start walking off the calories the very next day. This is one of our favourite times to explore the many different walking routes on offer whilst spending time with family and friends.

Walking also has many proven health benefits, such as decreasing stress improving cardiovascular health, combatting depression, diabetes, osteoporosis, and many more conditions. A 2007 study of inactive women found that just seventy-five minutes of mild exercise significantly improved their fitness.

Of course living so close to the hills it would be criminal to not enjoy that stunning view Boxing day morning. Our website features a variety of different walks rated by difficulty so the whole family can be included. Flatter trails for Grandma’s bad knees, and more rocky terrain for the family of adventurers.

Keep and eye out for where to stop for that Boxing Day pint of real ale or local cider at one of the many pubs dotted throughout the area.

For inspiration, please see our variety of walking guides and trails in our Walk Finder or Walking Blog.

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So, whether you’re looking for a gentle stroll around one of our towns or a stomp up the Malvern Hills, you’re sure to find something to suit!