Dudley Brook Tree Trail

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Dudley Brook Tree Trail

Midsummer Malvern Week has been marked by the dedication of the Dudley Brook Tree Trail in Priory Park. Dudley Brook was a well known, much loved local man and a dedicated teacher who loved trees and their curious histories. He dedicated many hours of his life to observing and and recording the trees in both the Priory Park and Malvern Priory churchyard. 

The District Council provided him with excellent archive material which helped him to create a list of PRIORY PARK TREES OF INTEREST. These trees have been used to create the Dudley Brook Tree Trail since they reflect this list and are a representation of of the range of species brought and raised here in the Victorian era. These trees are here today as souvenirs of world travels which we can research and enjoy.

The trail highlights 26 trees in Priory Park, including the beautiful Handkerchief Tree (also known as Dove or Ghost Tree) and the Ginko Tree (one of the oldest tree species in the world) which both originate from China. Priory Park has trees that originate from all over the world, they come from Morocco, America, Canada, India, China and Europe. 

The Tree Trail will soon be labelled so that the map will be of greater use to everyone who uses it.

Visit Malvern Tourist Information Centre to pick up the Dudley Brook Tree Trail or download it here