Get Healthy The Holistic Way With A Stay In The Malverns

Health and Wellbeing

Alternative Therapies

Alternative therapies have always had a heart in Malvern. Hydrotherapy in the Victorian era was a big part of what put Malvern on the map, and to this day practitioners of integrative medicine have set up shop here. In the age of endless wait times and witnessing the lasting effects of taking antibiotics too often, natural remedies and a holistic approach to care is far more lucrative.

Many people enjoy treatments such as  acupuncture, the method of using tiny needles to provide relief in both body and spirit; Reiki, the Japanese, no contact method of transferring healing energy; Homeopathy, the theory that a substance that causes certain symptoms can be diluted to cure similar symptoms from illness; hypnotherapy, the technique of using the trance state to influence the subconscious and therefore the conscious.

‘Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’ -The World Health Organisation

There are many clinics providing the very best level of care. Such as The Clover Mill, a unique resort and getaway with 5-star-standard eco-accommodation. Their philosophy is based on a four-thousand-year-old Indian principle of treating the whole person, rather than a set of symptoms. Beautiful spa facilities, bespoke treatments, yoga and workshops to either relax or retreat.

Additionally, The Centre for Wellbeing offer an incredibly wide range of treatments in order to fully tailor the treatment to whatever you might need. Everything from mental health issues, to lack of vitality, to injuries, illnesses and physical pain are treated here with a range of solutions. Homeopathy, hypnosis, acupuncture, reflexology and even pilates.

The Beacon Clinic provide completely individualised holistic care; using primarily acupuncture and counselling but also utilising a combination of various homeopathic and clinical methods. It is the collective effort of both natural and psycho therapies that can really get the root of any issues no matter their magnitude. The therapists here are experts in their field, and many are teachers of their chosen professions.

The Fold Therapy Centre offer a varied range of both natural and conventional methods administered by exceptionally well-qualified and experienced practitioners. The philosophy of The Fold is to adapt the way we behave and think to survive our ever-changing environment.  Additionally, to offering second-to-none healing, they also focus on their caring and environmentally-minded community.

In recent years a return to alternative medicine has also included a rise in the use of crystals, tarot, incense, etc. Aquarius in Malvern has been providing spiritual resources and advice since 1989 and is still well loved by the community. Using crystals has many benefits including removing negative energy from the mind and body for improving health and emotional wellbeing.

Breaking the stereotypes of ‘new age pseudoscience’ alternative therapy is making a comeback. However, these methods are no substitute for modern medicine but a combination of the two clearly provides the level of care people are looking for.