Malvern Museum is Set to Reopen 9 April 2022

Activities | Heritage

An old drawing of Priory Gatehouse

Finally Malvern Museum reopens its wonderful displays to the public in the unique priory gatehouse, on Saturday 9 April! Visitors can time-travel back to when our amazing hills were formed and see what sort of sea creatures lived here then. The history of the hills is explored with information panels about our famous Iron Age hill forts and some of the tools and pottery that have survived. Malvern Forest appealed to royal kings who loved hunting wild deer and boar, while nearby stood the beautiful priories dedicated to worship and good works.

Saunter through the weird and wonderful water cure treatments and then be entranced by none other than Jenny Lind preparing to sing to Florence Nightingale. Approaching our own times, there are opportunities to trace the origins of local primary schools, the noisy and dusty days of the quarries and the remarkable wartime stories linked to radar and the American hospitals. A touchscreen devoted to Malvern’s engineering successes, dressing up, castle building, Victorian shopping and an art detective challenge will be equally enticing for all ages. After a long break the Museum and its volunteers look forward showing you Malverns rich history.

The Museum will be open from 10.30 to 4.30 at the weekends and on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.