Malvern’s Carnival Records Celebrates 10 Years of Trading


The popular record shop opened in 2009 in a warehouse in Malvern Link. Originally set up to cater to a fairly niche market trading online and at audio fairs, a resurgence in the popularity of Vinyl, as well as a carefully cultivated sense of community, has meant the continued success of Carnival Records.

Set up by ex BBC Journalist Chris Heard, who runs the shop alongside former HMV manager Russ Brown and hi-fi expert Lionel Martin, Carnival Records was voted to be one of the best independent record shops in the world by Guardian readers.

On his vision for the space Mr Heard, 56, said: “We always wanted the sense of community that a shop provides.

“We feel so fortunate to have built a loyal customer base and to have made so many friends in such a beautiful setting beneath the Malvern Hills.”

In what has undoubtedly been a tricky couple of years for physical retail stores Carnival Records provides the atmosphere, community and expertise that online shopping cannot. And the vinyl revival shows no signs of slowing here; even leading to an upturn in the popularity of other analogue forms of audio such as cassette tapes and CD’s.

Mr Heard added: “We’re very proud that we have made it this far, through some of the most turbulent economic times the country has ever known.

“We’re really grateful to our hundreds of regular customers, and to the people of Malvern and beyond, for supporting us and recognising that we are hopefully meeting a demand for our particular service and product.”

Indeed, Carnival has much planned for the post-covid era with the return of its popular live in-store music sessions as well as DJ sessions and charity events.

In celebration of their fantastic 10 years Carnival has planned festivities to take part in the UK’s fifteenth annual Record Store Day on April 23 2022 . This day, intended to highlight all that vinyl has to give music lovers, will see Carnival stock more than 100 limited edition vinyl titles in small batches. Find out more about Carnival Records and upcoming events on their website using the link blow: