Popular Bard Nick Wilkes Returns To Malvern for Blood Brothers

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The actor Nick Wilkes has deep connections to Malvern and worked at Malvern Theatres for a number of years – he is returning as part of a touring company, to play a part in Blood Brothers.

Nick moved to Malvern eighteen years ago and has had various roles working at Malvern Theatres since. Initially working backstage to plug the gaps between acting work Nick says: “I was on the crew for about ten years, and even worked on Blood Brothers several times when in toured through Malvern; I think I’ve done the Get-in and Get-out three times, have follow-spotted the show, flown the show, and also run a cue sheet on stage – even collecting a camera and chair from the actor whose role I am now playing!”

Nick’s other roles included front-of-house manager at Malvern for a period while looking after his young family, and later he became their first Writer in Residence since George Bernard Shaw in the 1930’s. During his time as Writer in Residence Nick produced 4 new works, one of which also played at The Other Place in Stratford. These plays have been the only professional pieces to come out of Malvern since the 1970’s.

Nick said of his return to Malvern: “It will be amazing to return to Malvern Theatres as part of a touring company, particularly as part of Blood Brothers, it’s a wonderful show and I’m a lucky chap.”

Blood Brothers shows at Malvern Theatres from Tuesday 1 to Saturday 5 March 2022.