Shop Local: Book and Vinyl Shops


A pile of books on a table with filled bookshelves behind out of focus

Are you an avid reader? Do you find comfort in neat, tidy, ordered bookshelves? Does the famous quote by Roman Statesman Marcus Tullius Cicero ‘If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need’ resonate with you? If you answered yes to just one of these questions then you may enjoy visiting one of the bookshops in The Malverns.

Please see our lists below which detail book and record shops across The Malverns. If you think we’ve missed somewhere, please let us know by email [email protected].

Book Shops


Books For Amnesty
Second hand books, both fiction and non fiction, children’s books, vinyl, CDs and DVDs, maps and guides, sheet music.3, Edith Walk
Great Malvern
WR14 4QH
Telephone: 01684 563507
Email: [email protected]
Website: Amnesty Malvern

The Lyttelton Well Bookshop
Christian bookshop offering a range of Christian literature covering theology, liturgy, scripture and hymn books. Church supplies available such as communion wafers and baptism candles.
Church Street
Great Malvern
WR14 2AY
Telephone: 01684 573702
Email: [email protected]

Malvern Book Co-Operative
Community owned book shop with a small cafe. Book related gifts also available as well as events and book clubs.
2, St. Ann’s Road
Great Malvern
WR14 4RG
Telephone: 01684 564788
Email: [email protected]

Charity shop selling a wide choice of books, music, clothing and homewares. New fair-trade gifts, greetings cards, food and green products sold.
18/22 Church Street
Great Malvern
WR14 2AY
Telephone: 01684 568468
Website: Oxfam Malvern

The Malvern Bookshop
Five rooms of secondhand books, all subjects, including sheet music, trading since 1954, books also bought.
5-7 Abbey Road
Great Malvern
WR14 3ES
01684 575915
Telephone: 01684 575915
Email: [email protected]


St Richard’s Hospice
Good quality items, including books, DVDs, CDs and vinyl. A good selection of non-fiction, fiction and children’s books, including a rare book section.
116 Worcester Road
Malvern Link
WR14 1SS
Telephone: 01684 573480


Henry’s Cafe, Book Shop and Antiques
Sells a wide range of antiques, and has hundreds of history and military books.
22 High Street
Upton Upon Severn
Telephone: 01684 438300
Email: [email protected]

The Map Shop
A huge range of Ordnance Survey Maps, walking maps, road and canal maps and many more for the UK, Europe and Worldwide.
15 High Street
Upton Upon Severn
Telephone: 01684 593146
Email: [email protected]


Carnival Records
New and used vinyl, vintage hi-fi.
83 Church Street
Malvern WR14 2AE
Email: [email protected]

The Map Shop in Upton upon Severn is the shop for you if you are a cartophile (a lover of maps). They have a substantial catalogue of all types of maps and travel books for all over the UK, Europe and the rest of the World. The aptly named Map Shop sells OS and walking maps, historical maps, planning maps, road, waterways, canals and river maps. The shop is also an Ordnance Survey Mapping and Data Centre and Licensed Partner and can provide large scale mapping for planning, design or legal purposes.

Trading since 1954, The Malvern Bookshop houses thousands of quality second hand books across five rooms. We have a children’s section with both vintage and modern works, many local interest books and countless other works on all sorts of subjects to suit all budgets, from £2 paperbacks novels to the rare, antique or beautiful. You’ll probably need a bit of time to do it justice, but if you’re in a rush just let us know what you might be interested in and we’ll try to point you in the right direction.

For over 15 years Books for Amnesty has been in the same location in Great Malvern on Edith Walk. This charity bookshop sells second hand adult and children’s books, vinyl records, CDs, maps and sheet music and all the profit goes towards Amnesty International, a human rights organisation. You will find over 10,000 high quality books on these shelves and they are very well displayed and organised by Author, topic and category.

The Lyttelton Well Bookshop in Great Malvern specialises in Christian literature. They sell books covering theology, liturgy, scripture, hymn books, Bible notes and Christian novels. This shop can also supply bulk orders of books to churches and educational establishments.

The only independent bookshop selling newly published, contemporary books and the classics in The Malverns is Malvern Book Cooperative. This is a member owned, ethical business bookshop and small café. They pride themselves on their quick and efficient book ordering service. The staff are incredibly helpful with suggestions and aim to order and deliver books to you as soon as possible. This bookshop also holds book themed events and reading clubs.

Malvern Link Books is the newest bookshop in The Malverns; it opened in 2016. It is a charity bookshop and all the proceeds go towards St Richard’s Hospice. This is a well stocked, organised and modern bookshop full of good quality books and also some DVDs, CDs and vinyl. The staff are very helpful and knowledgeable. Make sure to notice the shop counter; it is a very unusual and ingenious design!

Carnival Records is located in the heart of Great Malvern which specialises in buying and selling vinyl and vintage hi-fis.  

We all know how important it is to shop local and support independent establishments, even more so now with the pandemic. We often get a much better service from independent shops and they introduce us to alternative products, local produce and unusual gifts. Independent shops help keep our high streets looking interesting and different from every other town or city and help keep so many local people in jobs and ultimately help the local communities. There are many independent shops across The Malverns and they would be greatly missed if they disappeared, so please try to ‘Support Our Local Shops’.