The English Country House: Discover Serene Beauty, Heritage, and Tradition

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An aerial view of an English country house with green surrounding gardens and outbuildings

The English Country House is a wondrous place of serene beauty, heritage, and tradition. There have been people living in this very spot for at least the last four or five hundred years! That carries with it a great responsibility, but also something to be shared. At The English Country House there are a variety of opportunities to learn, relax and get away from it all while taking the chance to breathe in the freshest air, and to hear nothing but birdsong. Surrounded by rolling hills and hundreds of trees in every direction, they’ve been nicknamed “the big green bubble!”

As history fans, the owners are fascinated by the lives our ancestors lived. In fact, so enamoured with history were they that they had dendrochronology done on the house last year (2023), and the results came back that the house was built in the spring of the year 1617, that’s only one year after Shakespeare died, though some of the beams in the house date back to 1520, in what could have been an earlier footprint of the house! There are protection marks (witch marks) on some of the internal beams, and carpenter’s marks carved into the same wood, the very essence of time travel, essentially marvelling at the carved lines made by a carpenter more than 400 or 500 years ago, what lives would they have lived?

The inspiration for opening the English Country House was to live simpler lives with less “smart” tech, to be surrounded by the natural world, to grow food, and to attempt self sufficiency. They plan to offer courses in heritage crafts in the near future and you can experience the place for longer with an overnight stay in the Guesthouse.

Follow along on their journey on their website and YouTube channel, linked below.

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