Upton in Bloom: Won Gold 2021


Upton in Bloom volunteers

Update: Upton won Gold Award! A huge congratulations to all of the people who’s hard work and tireless effort made this possible.

Upton upon Severn may be the smallest town in the county, but the breathtakingly scenic area has been nominated for the Royal Horticultural Society’s (RHS) Heart of England in Bloom campaign every year since 2003. Subsequently, they have been awarded the Gold category every single year, and earning a Silver award, two Silver Gilts and, in 2018, a Gold award in the RHS Britain in Bloom national campaign. 

Upton in Bloom volunteers run every aspect of the stunning floral displays and maintain permanent flower beds. The Summer displays consist of barrels; boats; hanging and lamp post baskets; and railing troughs. For Winter, the baskets and troughs are removed, and the remaining displays planted for a splash of colour in a typically ashen season. All year round, flower beds are maintained both in and outside the Old Churchyard. 

While displays are financed via fundraising; boats, beds and barrels are available for bot corporate and personal sponsorship. Donations can also be made by any interested parties including businesses and individuals. Upton in Bloom is not financed by local authorities, Upton Town Council and Malvern Hills District Council provide labour, printing and other help when asked – there are jobs that the volunteers can’t manage so their help is invaluable. 

The volunteers meet on Tuesday mornings for an hour or so to maintain the permanent beds, with extra meetings when clearing displays and a few days later replanting them. 

While you’re here to take in the beautiful and award-winning horticultural displays, it would be a shame not to appreciate the rich and illustrious past of this historic town. Traditionally, as the only river crossing for many miles, its position between agricultural land and water lent it great importance for the purpose of trading goods. Today, however, you can still enjoy the marina and pleasure craft; amongst the picturesque 17th century houses crossed with wooden beams; and the many independent shops and eateries.

Upton in Bloom
Gold Medal Award
Gold Medal Award