If you have been experiencing issues with the MalvernsWalks app on an Android device, please update to the latest version of the app.

MalvernsWalks Malverns Mobile Walking App

Mobile Walking App

Enjoy the beauty of the Malvern Hills and its surrounding towns and villages with this walking app which provides a range of informative self-guided walks on your mobile device.

GPS tracking, detailed photos, and turn by turn instructions provide you with the information you need to self-navigate this stunning part of the country.

The app is pre-installed with a Malvern town walk. Further walks are available to download for free (please connect to Wi-Fi to see the full list of available walks). The walk downloads contain all the information; there is no requirement for a mobile connection during the walks.

Please note that continued running of GPS in the background can decrease battery life, so please make sure you set out with a charged battery and close down the app once you have finished.

Download the App

MalvernsWalks – available in the Google Play store for Android devices and Apple App Store for iOS devices.

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