Cycling Around The Malverns

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Cyclists on Sugar Loaf Hill

Cycling on and around the hills has been a popular method of exercising and getting around for hundreds of years. Athletes come from around the country to train on The Malverns, the rocky terrain a perfect training ground for mountain bikers. It’s no surprise Malvern is home to many Olympic-level mountain bikers including Evie Richards, going to the Tokyo Olympics this summer; Liam Kileen who represented England at the Commonwealth Games and 3 times Olympian; and Tracey Mosely, World Champion for downhill mountain biking, just to name a few.

As a leisurely past time, cycling is an excellent way to see the beauty in our surrounding areas. With over 56km of bridleways, breath-taking views, dazzling meadows, gorgeous woodland and soaring peaks are assured.

Even Edward Elgar himself loved to cycle; all over the hills and even up to Tenbury and Hereford, riding silently while thinking of new symphonies. He owned two Sunbeam bikes, called them both ‘Mr Phoebus’ and seemed to have an avid interest in their mechanics.

On our website, we have a free leaflet produced by The Malvern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty(AONB) detailing various cycling paths around Malvern to get everyone out, active and enjoying our magnificent surroundings. Our Teme Valley cycle routes take you on a journey into the Teme Valley with an abundance of orchards and hop bines in picturesque countryside.

It is important that we look after our natural areas and preserve them for future generations to appreciate and for the sake of ecology. A code of conduct can be found on The Malvern Hills Trust website to ensure correct behaviour from visitors including ramblers, dog walkers, horse riders and cyclists.

Please see the leaflet for cycling paths here